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Insight for Happiness

Your desires are fragrant dream waters seeking a path of least resistance enjoying their way to the shores of their desires.The only force which causes resistance is the resistance we provide. The resistance is of our own doing. It is the conflict between our desired feelings and what we tell ourselves we can have.

Scientists say everything has its own specific frequency. If we were to focus solely and deliberately on that feeling of what we desire we world harmonize with it in short order. However we are not single minded in that we seem to have a short attention span. And often we give our attention to what realities we don’t want , we know the feelings we don’t want yet we keep getting distracted and focus our attention on negative frequencies more often than not.

And we do it in an unwitting manner, so that what we desire becomes increasingly difficult to manifest, seemingly.

What you actually want is not in the distant future. It’s much simpler than you think. Practice getting the small things, the big things will just come.

I desire to go to work

I desire to get up and get ready for work

I desire to get food in me

I desire affection from another

I desire a raise for my services

I desire more closed sales today

I desire more money

I desire a new BMW

I desire more romance in my life

I desire to go on vacation

I desire to stop smoking

I desire to be well

I desire the perfect body weight

I desire more clients

I desire physical vitality

I desire a new pair of shoes

I desire my children to be happy

I desire to be worry free

I desire to left go of my feeling of guilt

I desire a noticeable increase in confidence.

I desire my average daily tips to be greater

I desire to attract more business

I desire the success of my website to grow

I desire to go date more often

I desire to be a faster reader

I desire to retain the information I get in school

I desire to have a car

I desire a more loving relationship with my son

I desire to get the part in the play

I desire to know what I want to do with my life

I want my children to more kind to their friends

I desire my complexion to clear up

I desire to get pregnant

I desire to rid myself of my illness

I desire to write more freely

I desire to lead the team or league in batting

I desire to be free of the urge to drink

I desire to express myself freely

I desire to run a marathon

I desire to be the salesperson of the month

I desire to be able to juggle

I desire to have the garage cleaned out

I desire to be a dancer